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Job Description:

Ø  Provide technology IPintegration support to QC JV partners throughout their SOC development.

Ø  Liaison between ***engineering teams, 3rd party vendors, and JV engineering teams to architect,integrate and validate the design that meets the partners acceptance criteria.

Ø  Maintains regularcommunication with key stakeholders to ensure continued alignment between teamdeliverables and product execution plan.

Ø  Prepare engineeringcollaterals from *** IP engineering teams, include externalization of docs,simulation models, test benches, test patterns, design databases, andsupporting tools, utilities and scripts.

Ø  Use EDA tools to validatethe package content where necessary.

Ø  Deliver the engineeringcollaterals thru approved systems.

Ø  Assist partners in IPintegration.

Ø  Use deductive and inductiveproblem solving approach, debug functional models and functional vectorsrelated to complex customer test cases including but not limited to powersequencing, concurrency, memory contention, and system throughput.

Ø  Create an emulationenvironment for JV partners to validate the combined system SOC.

Ø  Assist partners in physicalimplementation.

Ø  Align design metricsbetween the IP and the SOC (corners, views, process POR ..etc)

Ø  Facilitate exchangesbetween *** engineering, JV partners, foundry design services and 3rd Party IPvendors.

Ø  Optimize JV SOC floorplanusing various *** IP layout.

Ø  Resolve boundary issuesincluding timing and LVS/DRC.

Ø  Assist partners inproductization. Provide onsite bring up support related to *** technology IP.

Ø  Act as a principle leadrepresenting *** engineering team, effectively utilizes advanced problemsolving and SOC engineering practices to resolve complex architecture, design,or verification problems.

Ø  Extensive system debugexperience is required.

Job Requirement:


Bachelor'sdegree in Science, Engineering, or related field.

7+years ASIC design, verification, or related work experience.


Minimumqualification includes 7 to 12 years of SOC design experience in Logic Design,VHDL, Verilog & SV (SystemVerilog) RTL, verification/emulation, synthesis,LINT and static timing analysis, clock domain crossingtechniques/implementation. Strong understanding of chip integrationmethodologies & flows. Solid background in scripting for automation ofdesign methodologies & flows is desired. Detail oriented with strongorganizational, exceptional problem solving, and great communication skills(both written and oral). Fluent in English and Mandarin is a must. Ability towork in a highly collaborative fast-paced team environment is required. Strongmobile knowledge is highly desired.


BSc,electrical engineering is required

MSc,electrical engineering is desired



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